Flea Market

Flea markets in France are opened on the weekends and are called "brocantes". The brocante season takes place from April to October all throughout France. Every year thousands of people come to explore their unique blend of decorative and utilitarian items that reflect the French culture. French Vintage Living loves brocantes and spends half the year on the road discovery the best finds.

Best Finds of the Week


I call both San Clemente, California and Bouges Le Chateau France my home.  I was born in France and raised in a family who loved antiques. I grew up around flea markets and listening to the stories told about the treasures we found. 

It's a love that is still carry with me today.  Every 6 months life takes me back to France where I manage our family's bed & breakfast throughout the Spring and Summer. I started French Vintage Living because I wanted to bring authentic French antiques home with me to California, not only for my family but for people like you who love vintage things and have a passion for collecting it.

Come explore the wonderful world of French Vintage Living with me!


Loire Valley Market


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One Life

Two Countries

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French auction houses offer previews to the public several days before the auction takes place.  The auction houses cater to mostly estate sales and all the merchandise is pre-selected which ensures a  high level of quality antiques.  

Sentence about the different "levels".

"Salle des Ventes"​

Auction Houses

"Pause cafe"​

Friends & Family

The French culture is about connecting to the people around you.  It's common to meet a friend at a cafe or spend several hours at dinner enjoying wine and good food. During these conversation you can uncover private and unique antique sale opportunities.